MAGNiTT is the startup data platform serving founders and investors across emerging venture markets. Driven by the belief that data is the foundation of thriving entrepreneurship ecosystems, and that scale should not be constrained by a lack of information, MAGNiTT supports founders and investors with data that underpins decisions that drive expansions, investments, and exits across emerging venture markets in MENA, South Asia, and Sub-Saharan Africa.

For startups 

MAGNiTT provides free access to our investors and enablers directory as well as our startup directory, both of which you can filter with our advanced filter options. This is a great way to discover and connect with other startups, find people in the same industry by connecting and following, and do due diligence on competitors or simply do your research about the ecosystem. You’re also able to view the funding received by a startup and see the type of startups investors have funded in. 

We also provide free access to our funding applications tool which will help you scout for your next round of funding and seek investments. We have over 80 investor applications for you to choose from. This tool is a great way to connect with investors and to seek mentorship.

For investors and enablers

MAGNiTT provides fast and easy access to critical startup data for discovery and decision support during scouting, screening and due diligence, from early to late stage and buyout opportunities. Company data includes deep filters such as sector, business model, revenue source, launch date, employee number, growth stage, firm evaluation, ownership, funding data, location, and more.

We also provide free access to a database with over 3,000 investment funds, corporate investors and angels. Having a free MAGNiTT account improves your company's visibility, provides you with market intelligence, and helps you find the best potential investments for your company.

Getting Started
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